1. Smothered

From the recording POLLEN

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Happy for the hour
We can repair
And in this moment, we are growing

We can do better
We can do whatever
It takes to (two)
Keep it together, soon we'll be on our own

So you got the feeling of what you got in your hand
And just because you can feel it don't mean you understand
So get a grip, but not too tight
You may find that you can suffocate and strangle out all of the life

Honey, I am not your baby
You're smothering me again

The space between is never quite enough
Your open arms appear more like trap doors
Shoulders can't support the weight
Goodbyes really aren't your thing
Knotted intestines welcomed over this
Brought together in order to separate

It's hard to be yourself when you're tangled with another
Throw in the anchors to the water, but you will never reach the bottom
Lost in the wind, cold breeze and crowded by the clutter
I'm smothered