A Brief History

“If Willy Wonka opened a night club that served street tacos and Gobstopper cocktails, Special Thumbs would be the house band.” 

— Evan Jarvicks, Cellar Door Music Group

Special Thumbs is an OKC-based indie band melodically exploring rock, psych, and pop. Their music features robust vocals enriched with lush harmonies, sensatiable guitar riffs, and multi-textured synths that weave a unique and colorful aural tapestry. 

Starting as a three-piece outfit, members of Special Thumbs met at university and bonded over a love of classic rock. They began writing songs influenced by bands like The Velvet Underground and The Kinks, as well as modern artists such as Tame Impala and MGMT. In 2014, after adding a fourth member and playing around OKC's arts districts, Special Thumbs found a local following and subsequently began work on POLLEN in their home studio. Throughout the recording process Special Thumbs became a two-man project (Pablo Tortoise and Chiefy Roon) and enlisted the help of producer/mixer/wizard Michael Trepagnier to complete their debut EP - POLLEN (Released 10/14/2016). Since the release of POLLEN, Special Thumbs has also released ADVICE — A 2-Song Digital Release.

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